Wednesday, December 10, 2014

33 weeks: You all knew I was a little different, right?

We're firmly entrenched in the last trimester and the last two months of this pregnancy. THANK. GOD. It's been hard physically and I'm ready to feel the relief of birth (yes, I realize that's an oxymoron, but I still feel so much better once the baby is born). I weigh more now than I did at the end of Elijah's pregnancy, which I'm betting is the reason my back and legs hurt so much these days. The majority of that extra weight is in my belly and hips and I've got a fairly small frame, so...ouch. Lots of warm baths and stretches to try to ease the aches and pains and tomorrow, a massage that I've been looking forward to for ages. I haven't had more because we're trying to watch our expenses these days, what with holidays and baby coming right after.

For those of you who DIDN'T realize, we're planning a home birth. We're not your typical home birth people, though, so it's been an interesting journey. We didn't have a horrible experience in the hospital with either delivery (Asher's insane delivery was due to the cord around his neck and who knows how that might have worked out at home), we don't dislike doctors, we vaccinate our kids and believe in modern medicine and science. We have insurance and are financially stable. So why do a home birth?

Why not?

My parents had three of their four biological children at home with no complications. My mom delivered babies at home for a period of time and encouraged other mothers to do the same. They felt that modern medicine, while great, had really taken birth and death away from the home. If you're going to die a natural death, why not be at home where you're comfortable and surrounded by loved ones? If you're going to have a natural birth, why not do it at home where you're comfortable and can have whoever you want present?

Both of my hospital deliveries I had nurses and doctors who I'd never met before that day attending me. Austin was at both and Mom only made it to Asher's. I would have welcomed any family member who wanted to be present into the delivery room but the rule was two people, so Mom and Austin were it. At home, As many close friends and family members as can fit comfortably (and not crowd the action) in my bedroom will be welcome.

I know that I'll sleep better that first night in my own bed as opposed to a hospital bed where the nurses are coming in constantly to check on me and the baby, make sure my blood pressure is good, that I'm peeing, etc. I know that I'll feel better not worrying about getting Asher and Elijah somewhere for the delivery and Austin feeling the strain of wanting to be with me but also maintain some kind of normalcy for them at home. I definitely know the food will be better.

All that said, I'm not opposed to the hospital. If something goes wrong, if there is a need, we will definitely be on our way to the hospital pronto. If I go into labor too early, ARMC will be delivering this child. I don't judge women who have their babies in hospitals or who use pain medicines like epidurals or who induce or schedule c-sections. I sometimes wonder why they induce/schedule if there's no medical need, but every woman has to do what is right for her body and her baby. For me, that's no drugs and at home. I hope.

So here's hoping in just a few weeks time, we have an amazing home birth experience, surrounded by loved ones as we welcome this tiny little girl into our family. At the end of the day, though, if she's healthy and I'm healthy, that's all that really matters, no matter how or where she emerges.

Mom and I moments after I was born

My mom's mom holding me shortly after I was born. She and my grandfather gave me my first bath.


Dad holding me right after my birth. He caught and cut the cord for three of his four children.