Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bread, many different words for money

It seems like so many people my age have a little side business. Avon, Mary Kay, Scentsy, Essential Oils, so many photographers (all of whom seem really good), other things I don't know about. Generally easy things for stay at home moms to do while taking care of their homes and children. I've always found that idea appealing but I don't wear make up or like scented candles so I always felt if I tried to sell them I'd be pretty hypocritical. Tonight, I had an interesting idea.

A woman in our church was feeling creative, so she posted on Facebook that she'd be making Amish bread today and asked who would like some, pricing her bread at $6 a loaf. Maybe I've never had the right kind of Amish bread, but I wasn't impressed when I had it before and so was surprised when several people said they'd like a loaf. 

I could totally make and sell baked goods! Well, bread. I have a bread machine to do the hard part for me, the know how to do loaves and several recipe books full of delicious bread recipes. I commented about it on twitter and a follower said she'd totally buy my bread if she didn't live in Kansas City. 

So I guess here's my question to all 4 of you who read this blog: if I posted a list of types of bread (Garlic Parmesan, Sally Lunn, white, wheat, Cream Cheese, English Muffin, Oregano, etc) and asked about $5 each (not to undercut her, but I'm sure she's doing more work than I would be), would anyone want it? Is $5 a reasonable price for homemade gourmet breads? What if I offered different sizes of bread? What about homemade cinnamon rolls? What other baked goods would people maybe want to buy? I know you can buy all that in stores for much less, but homemade, even if it's not your home, has to count for something. I'm even willing to attempt gluten free, though I'm not sure how that would turn out. If not baked items, what about a frozen meal? Or homemade applesauce?  

I mentioned this idea to Austin and he said "If you're making those breads, I'm eating them and there would be nothing left to sell." So there's my positive customer review. 

Finding a way to make extra income for our family isn't a NECESSITY but it would definitely help around here. Elijah's visit to the ER in January is apparently not being covered, my dental work in December wasn't covered at all, we have some home renovations we'd like (and may need) to do that cost a bit of money. Plus, having a bit extra every month to put aside is always a good idea.

So let me know! Is this something anyone would be interested in purchasing? 

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