Friday, April 4, 2014

I think a little cheating is ok

Ok, ok, I cheated upstairs a bit.

I AM getting rid of things that were upstairs, but I didn't drag the two or three boxes/tubs of sentimental papers/knickknacks out of the attic to go through in detail. Mostly because I filled them in the last year and didn't want to go through it again. I organized the upstairs area a bit more, in spite of my two lovely children "helping" by taking things out of the boxes immediately after I put them in. Elijah really likes doing that. Asher was contented playing with the legos upstairs, which included building robots and throwing pieces at his brother. The robots are more abstract than anything else.

Upstairs didn't take as long as I anticipated because I'd actually done preliminary work last year when the clutter with little paths around just pushed me over the edge and I went upstairs. There's still a bit of a path from the head of the stairs through Austin's stuff to mine in the back. I may tackle his area next week, just boxing up everything and stashing them until he gets around to them himself. It'd be nice to have that be a possibly useful area at some point.

I found a tub of 18 month clothes for Elijah, which is good and bad. Good because hey, clothes! Bad because I thought I'd found everything already and so bought basically a whole summer wardrobe (got it on ebay for less than $3 per article of clothing, which isn't bad) so now his drawers are overflowing and his rod in the closet is stuffed. So we can afford to be picky. Since Elijah's growing into the 18-24 month clothes and Asher JUST grew out of the 24/2T sizes, instead of packing up and storing Asher's old clothes, I just moved them to Elijah's "next size clothing" spot, the top rod that's too high for a normal sized human being to reach easily over his clothing rod. Asher has his own on his side of the closet with a few winter 3T stuff. So hopefully the doubling up on clothing won't happen again. Especially now that I've got the tubs winnowed down and labeled more clearly (stupid me not labeling better before.)

Next up is scanning in pictures that aren't already digital and the kids' artwork. I've recovered the top of the rolltop desk with the piles of stuff to go through and scan and/or discard. So prepare for some fun old pictures! Yay! I can guarantee there will be horror pictures of me because thanks to Bob, I've got a slide scanner and can now scan all the slides of my and Mom's trip to Nicaragua in 1994. Yes. You know you want to relive my super awkward tween days. I'll be sure to throw in a couple of pictures of me as the stinkin' adorable baby and toddler I was before puberty robbed me of cuteness. Oh puberty, you mean cow.

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