Sunday, May 4, 2014

You will be assimilated

For those of you living under a rock, my mom is getting remarried in June. It's crazy and it's been a whirlwind, but the couple in question are blissfully stupidly happy, so all five of Mom's kids and two of Bob's kids are all happy for them. This weekend, we all met. 

We (me and Rosetta Moore, mostly her, I was just helping some) decided to have a surprise engagement party for Mom and Bob. We wanted to invite a bunch of friends from way back who haven't seen her in a while. Unfortunately, only one of them was able to make it so it was predominantly a family party and a few close friends. It was fine, a good time was had by all (with the exception of an order being delivered incorrectly) and Mom was definitely surprised. 

Getting to meet the new "siblings" was pretty great. We didn't all sit at the same table at the restaurant, but I was glad when the Kolquist/Mordica people came back to Mom's for hanging out (visiting sounds like something old ladies do). We left the restaurant at 6 and I think we left Mom's around 11pm. So five hours of getting to know Bob's kids, and I was glad to hear we were going to get to see them again today for lunch. I'd call that a good sign. Hopefully they felt the same. 

My "new sister" is a marathon runner. She completed the Boston Marathon in less than 3.5 hours, which is amazing. I think the only thing I've completed in that time frame that's worthy of note was giving birth to Elijah. Cari and I were talking about that yesterday and how we're SO not runners. We were at a nail salon getting pedicures and she said there was no way she could run 26 miles. I said I couldn't run from the front door of the salon to the street. So for all my marathon running needs, which I'm sure SOMETHING will come up, I'll call Gina. 

My "new brother" and his wife, Christian and Margaux live in Austin, so I wasn't sure if we'd meet them before the wedding or not. It's not like it's far, but with busy schedules I thought they might just wait until June to come. I was very happy they did. He seems like a cross between John and Tom in some ways: he enjoys guns, technology, 80's movies, and kilts. Of course there's more to him than just that, but that's what stuck out in my mind. She is sweet and friendly and open and has a garlic allergy that makes me scared I'm going to one day kill her with my cooking. I heard talk of a Monty Python marathon at the restaurant and I'm so on board. I've got Monty Python's The Holy Grail Fluxx so we can watch the movie, then play the game! It'll be awesome!

Any reservations I had about meeting Bob's kids and getting to know them have been put at rest. They're just as quirky and oddball as the rest of us. And I mean that in the nicest possible way. Like John said last night, if we're not teasing you, we probably don't like you. I mean, sure, we give you a little while to get comfortable, but then all bets are off. Like I said last night: welcome to the family. The Walke family is a vortex. You will get sucked in. Resistance is futile. 
Margaux, Christian, Gina, Mom, Bob, Cari, Stephanie, and Tom. Apparently Tom and Stephanie didn't listen when I told them I was taking a picture.

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