Thursday, January 1, 2015

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

Holy cow, 2014. What. Just....what.

This time one year ago, I had a 3 year old and a 15 month old and was starting to reconsider my decision that we were done having babies. A couple of months earlier I'd given away a TON of baby clothes from newborn through 12 months to a young woman in our church who was having a baby because I was finished. Pregnancy and newbornhood were just more than I could handle with two, no way was I going through all that a third time. (Spoilers ahead.....)

My mom was still a widow but seeming to get into the groove of it with fabulous trips around the world, the most recent having been India for three weeks in November. The holidays had been a fun experience for our small family as the boys were really old enough to appreciate Christmas and Thanksgiving with their cousins. Austin had settled into his new job at Ludlum and all seemed right with our little world.

What a difference a year makes.

I really really REALLY wanted a daughter. We'd tried (sort of) a specific method for a girl with Elijah and as you already know, that didn't work out. We love our crazy boy, but a small part of me really wanted to try again for a girl. I was nervous about a third boy (they're a little nutso) but we ultimately decided that yes, we would give it another shot. The first month we were unsuccessful, but the second month it took. Based on our methods and timing, I was pretty sure it was a girl. Needless to say, we were excited either way. I knew what to do with a boy, I had all the clothes and gear and toys for a boy. A boy would be super easy to work into our family. But a little girl....that was what I wished for.

About three weeks into January, Mom informed me she had a date. With a man she'd met online. I was a little skeptical (the previous guys were busts) but encouraging. Apparently, that took because they spent about 3 hours at Abuelo's on their first date and had their second date about 12 hours later. The boys and I met him that second day because our water main broke and we needed a place to stay while it was repaired. He seemed nice enough, but I didn't think too much of it since they hadn't known each other for 24 hours even.

Five months later they got married and expanded our family to the point that I'm actually a great-aunt to a step niece. It was a whirlwind of "wait, seriously? Your mom is getting married? I didn't even realize she was dating!" Yeah, we didn't either.

He did come to each of us kids in turn and ask for our blessing and let us ask him questions about whatever we wanted to and quickly won a place in my kids' hearts by letting them play on his iPad. Plus Elijah is/was at the age where he loves having a grandfather around to sit on.

I reconnected with an old friend in January and we've made a point of getting together as frequently as we can with husbands and kids around and she's expecting her first, also a daughter, about 10 weeks after our little pink bundle. That's been fun, warning her from "the future" of what's coming. Or at least giving her hints of what might come. Not that she needs my advice, she's got three nieces and a nephew, but it's still been fun.

The rest of the year saw hail storms and trouble with insurance companies and a couple of hospital visits for sick kids and morning sickness and probably the worst holiday season I can remember. Austin was sick through Thanksgiving and the boys were sick around Christmas. They were nice enough to pass it on to me and I've gotten to be sick through Christmas and New Year's to the point that I'm currently on antibiotics to help clear this all up. I should be done with the meds just in time to hit full term and "ready to pop any day now."

Overall, 2014 was a good year. We saw more good than bad and the bad typically ended up with something good (new roof and car, little extra money in our pockets for the coming year, the promise of a little girl joining our family). We're looking forward to all that 2015 has to offer. Who knows what it'll be. I'm resigned to the fact that we'll never have a year without something big happening. It's just not our style.

How we looked last year (it's Asher's birthday and they were far more interested in presents than in picture taking)

And this year. Again, more interested in presents than in pictures or even talking to BB and Papa. 

And me and the ladybug who's more of a bowling ball at this point. 

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