Thursday, March 26, 2015


Quick little update:

We talked to the pediatrician about fortifying my breast milk. We had found a human milk enrichment powder sold by Enfamil online for about a dollar a packet and a packet goes into two ounces of super expensive. She recommended just adding a single scoop of formula powder to 10 ounces of pumped milk and giving that to her one feeding a day to increase Eden's caloric intake. So we started doing that on Wednesday, March 25. She took it really well then, but tonight, Thursday, not so much. Over the last two hours, she's only taken 2.5 ounces of her usual 4 ounces. Unfortunately, we forgot to pour out the evening's serving into a separate bottle so of the 6 left from yesterday, 2 that we could have saved for tomorrow will have to be tossed. This is all a learning experience, so hopefully we'll get the hang of it before too long.

Dr. Sharma told us last week she'd let us know what the plan was in regards to moving things up. It took a few days for her to get the cardiothoracic surgeon, the catheter surgeon, and the other cardiologist together and we finally got an email tonight (around 10.30pm). The current plan is to keep monitoring her oxygen levels, accepting low 80's for the time being. Around 4 or 5 months, we'll do the catheter and schedule the surgery after that. It's still a bit sooner than originally planned, but later than we were thinking last week.

So...still lots of just waiting and monitoring. Which is good and bad. She's doing well enough that she can keep growing and being her sweet, practically perfect little self for a while longer before we have to jump into the world of surgeries and procedures and hospital stays. Unfortunately, not having dates for anything is making the planner part of me insane. I have so much I have to work out, and people want to help with it, but I literally can't do any serious planning without dates. My biggest logistical issue is going to be childcare for the boys and none of that can be worked out yet. So I'm planning what I can: food. I'm bulk cooking and stuffing the freezer as much as I can so Austin will have plenty of food for himself and the boys.

Side note, blogger says I misspelled "cardiothoracic" and I did (I put in an s instead of two c's). When I clicked on it to see the correct spelling, the suggestion was "harpsichordist." So not the same thing.

Sleeping in Daddy's arms is one of her favorite places

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