Saturday, January 23, 2016

Birthday Girl!

It's Eden's birthday! We're all pretty excited. Birthdays aren't a huge deal around here, but they are noted.

I did something a little different with this post and we'll see how it works. I'm not entirely sure I've got it figure out, but here's a little video.

A couple things: the crinkling at the beginning is Mom trying to get a bulb syringe open. The first one was had was too stiff and we couldn't squeeze it so she as opening a second one to clear out Eden's nose and throat. We mention that it's about the same time I was born and that's interesting (to me anyway) because Eden's pregnancy and delivery were very similar to mine: We were both the first daughter after two sons (my sister is adopted), we were both born at home, we were both extended labors after short intense ones, we were born about the same time of day. She was supposed to have a room full of family and close friends welcoming her into the world like I did but she as too fast so no one made it into the room but Mom and Austin.

And here is our beautiful girl today, all decked out in her Wonder Woman tutu, onesie, and headband, because she is our Wonder Girl, our Amazon Princess. She's not terribly interested in smiling because she bumped her head a little while before this was taken.

Eden's Medical Fund

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