Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March has arrived

Yes. I'm still pregnant. You don't have to call or text me. I can guarantee that if you're on our list, you'll be notified when that status begins to change. You're excited to see pictures and hold her? Get in line, bub.

No, I'm not happy about it. I'm hurting all the time. I can't hardly walk without discomfort from the bowling ball resting in my pelvis and pushing my hips out of alignment. I can't sleep because even with a pillow under my belly, it sags and the skin is stretched so tight it feels like it's going to rip. I have Braxton Hicks contractions pretty much non stop, so my belly is firm all the time, which means there's no comfortable position ever.

I can't reach the kitchen sink faucet unless I turn sideways, which makes filling pots or washing my hands tricky. I can't reach the bottom of the washer or the back of the dryer without some serious maneuvering. I can't wear a seat belt normally because it either cuts across my neck or cuts into my arm if I tuck it under so I can breath. I can't lift Eden up to change her diaper or hold her in my lap or put her in the car without pain. I've got a step stool in my room so she can climb on the bed on her own, which she thinks is the greatest.

At times, I can't breath super great unless I arch my back and stick my stomach out, which then means my lower back hurts even more. To ease that, I take warm baths but then I have trouble getting into and out of the tub.

I've been having light to moderate contractions for over two weeks, feeling pressure in my pelvis from her pushing down for a few days (and yes, I've pushed down on her, too, just because why not at this point?) and still nothing. I've had so many false starts that the one person I alert every time is probably getting less and less excited every time ( I didn't even mention the last time to her.

So yes. I'm grumpy. I'm able to hide it fairly well in company, but home alone by myself...not a terribly happy sight. I know it'll end. I know I don't have it the worst of anyone ever. I know there are women who would love to be in my position. I know I know I know. At the moment, I don't care. When you've been uncomfortable for so long with no real lasting relief, it actually drives you a little crazy.

No, there's nothing you can do to help. Like I said, I'm grumpy and will likely continue to be so until she's born and I've been able to get some restful sleep. The last few weeks of pregnancy are the pits and when you go over your due date (which YES I KNOW IT'S JUST AN ESTIMATE; I HAVE THREE DUE DATES) it gets worse.

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