Monday, April 20, 2015

We have news!

We actually have something worthy of posting! Two things, even!

Eden has had a little cough for a few days now and that, combined with some congestion and a runny nose prompted a visit to her doctor this morning. She's ok, the cough will go away in a few days, but her ears were a bit red so now she's on amoxicillin like me. We're on drugs together! While there, I asked about the Synegis stuff and the doctor said we're just flat out denied. She didn't say it, but I think there's pretty much nothing else to be done at this point since their medical director/doctor/whoever agreed that Eden should have the shot and they were still denying it.

When I picked up the prescription at the desk, I asked if the receptionist had any clue what we were going to owe for the shots, just so we could start pulling money from various sources. She didn't know, but the nurse spoke up and said that insurance actually HAS started paying for them, she just hadn't had a chance to tell the doctor.

Apparently, BCBS is paying for at least some of it, which is awesome. I asked what we'd need to pay, if she knew, and she said she wasn't sure. The doctor was there and she said we wouldn't have to pay anything. We're good for this season. How great is that?!

Also, she's gained about 3 ounces since Thursday, so that's great. That's the result of two 4-oz bottles with formula in them a day since then. Good to know things are working.

Friday afternoon, I was exhausted from a lot of running around on Thursday and Friday morning and being sick (sinus infections are the worst) so was taking a nap. As a result, I missed a phone call from Children's to schedule the heart cath procedure. I called today and we've got a date set for that: July 15.

We'll go up on the 14th to have a pre-op meeting and to fill out paperwork and whatever, then the procedure will begin early on the 15th, like 6am early. We'll stay that night in the hospital and if there's no complications, we'll go home on the 16th. Mom and Bob are going to keep the boys on Tuesday, the 14th, then Cari, my sister, will come and keep them Tuesday night through Thursday morning so that Mom can come be with us in the hospital. This is amazingly helpful, because it means as little disruption to the boys as possible. And they love going to Oma and Papa Bob's house.

Again, we're thinking they'll very likely schedule the surgery for fairly quickly after the cath, like August or September, which means that she'll definitely be eligible for the Synegis next season, meeting the requirements of medication and/or oxygen for a time.

It is a HUGE relief knowing that the Synegis is covered, even if it's just this past season that's covered. We're going to reduce the amount on our GoFundMe because we will still need some financial help, but not nearly what we were thinking. I'm feeling a lot more settled and calm now that I have something set down on the calendar to work towards and everything is seeming to settle down around here with Eden.

I forgot to mention on Thursday that we mentioned the Zofran to Dr. Kane and he kind of laughed and said that what I took was not enough to cause anything in Eden. So, that tiny part of me that was feeling like MAYBE part of this was my fault has been silenced for good. Yay for that, too! Things are really looking up.

As usual, here's the link for GoFundMe:

Eden's Medical Fund

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