Monday, June 8, 2015


Again, no updates is kind of a good thing.

Eden is doing well still. She's gaining weight once we figured out she was ready for 6 ounce bottles. She now has three 6-oz bottles a day, plus nursing, with an extra bottle of usually straight formula when she wants it. Because of this increase in her intake, her weight went up a lot. She weighed around 11# even on May 21, and that's when they told us to increase her to three bottles a day. By the next Tuesday, May 26, she'd gained 3 ounces. Not bad, but not just fantastic. By the next Thursday, May 28, she had put on another 2 ounces, so five total from the previous week. The next day we started giving her 6 ounce bottles and by June 4, she was up to 11#13 ounces. Eight ounces in seven days is pretty awesome! We're hoping she'll keep up this gain for a little while and will hit 14 pounds by her 6 month birthday. That's about six weeks and two pounds away, so it's definitely doable. I hope.

We're working on getting the local pediatric ophthalmologist pre-approved to see Eden for her droopy eyelid (ptosis). I should have called as soon as I got the paperwork but I had a few things going on that day and then it was the weekend so by the time I finally did, it was just over two weeks before the appointment and the approval process can take up to two weeks. So fingers crossed that it goes through in time. The closest pediatric ophthalmologist who is on our insurance is in Ft. Worth, 133 miles away, so our odds are good. If they can't get her approved, we'll probably see about seeing someone in Dallas while we're there later this year.

While getting that started, I realized that I needed to get a list of everyone for the heart cath and the surgery, or as comprehensive a list as possible, and make sure they're all covered on our insurance and if not, start getting them pre-approved. I looked up all the doctors I could remember seeing at Children's and they were all covered under BCBS, so I'm hopeful that we're going to be ok on that front when surgery time comes.

Saturday we helped a family member move and it was hot, sweaty, exhausting work. We got a babysitter to keep all the young kids and they seem to have had a blast. They played in the paddling pool, watched movies, played with toys inside and outside, ate lunch, and my boys were asleep pretty early Saturday night. Sunday I was exhausted and slept several hours after church and could have slept more if not for breastfeeding needs. Eden definitely missed me after seven hours away from me on Saturday, and I missed her, so after dinner, while I was trying to stay awake just a little longer to pump, I cuddled up with her in bed and Asher read us a couple of stories out of his Berenstain Bears book. She nursed for comfort, then snuggled in and went to sleep against me. I almost kept her in the bed with me, but decided I needed more restful sleep than that, so I put her in the crib and went to sleep. She was snuggly and clingy yesterday too, but seems to be back to her normal semi-independent self today. Which is good since the dehydration and exhaustion of the last couple of days caught up with me and I'm a little physically ill. Nothing major, just something that'll pass in a day or two.

Eljiah was snuggly today, though, so he cuddled up with me in bed while we watched Bill Nye this morning and fell asleep with me. Maybe sleeping while hearing about climates will help him learn stuff.

So now, Asher is watching a dvd (which is really just him skipping through to watch his favorite parts), Elijah and Eden are napping, and I've had lunch and I'm thinking about napping myself. Feta's making a pretty good argument for it with her kitty nap next to me.

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