Wednesday, November 4, 2015

We Survived October!

It's been a while, I know. I'm sorry. In my defense, October is a bad month for us. Austin has the BEST robotics competition nearly every Saturday and works on it most evenings and this October, I had three weeks of the kids being sick, one after the other. I mean, I guess I appreciate that they didn't do it all together? But gah. It was not fun. When Eden woke up with croup after her brothers had had it the two weeks prior, I called the doctor and she just called in a prescription, saving me the $40 sickness visit charge.

Since I last wrote, mostly we've been dealing with the croup. First Elijah, then Asher, then Eden. Both boys started it off with vomiting and fever, then just the coughing and loss of voice that is croup. Elijah got done then two days later it was Asher and two days after him was Eden. Eden, surprisingly, handled it the best and Asher was the worst. Eden didn't throw up, she mostly just coughed and whimpered a little and was a bit more clingy than usual, but overall she did great. Asher whined and complained and cried and just generally got the short end of the patience stick because I was SO over it at that point.

Halloween was good for us. No trunk or treat by our church but the neighboring one had one that was pretty sad. We were the Ghostbusters family, with Austin and I dressed as Ghostbusters (t-shirts we got on Amazon), Asher a random skeleton (sure, why not), Elijah as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (costume crafting is NOT my strong point) and Eden as Slimer (she was perfect.) The kids and I wore our costumes for their Halloween party at FKO and then again on Saturday for the trunk or treat and then actual trick or treating in a friend's neighborhood. We came home with three buckets of candy. Not too shabby. lol

Mom organized the annual International Gift Festival (that thing has had so many names its hard keeping track) over Halloween weekend and I think it did pretty well. I haven't heard the final numbers, but when I was there working for 2 hours Saturday morning we had a steady stream of customers.

Austin's parents came down for the weekend to shop at the craft fair and to trick or treat with us. They wore t-shirts with the Ghostbusters logo on it, so they were part of the theme, too.

On Eden's medical front, we still have no news. I know, it's annoying. No one is more aggravated than me. It's been three months since the visit where we got the news we might not do surgery and no confirmation or denial of that. We didn't have an appointment in October because she's doing so well and there wasn't much need for one. Even with croup, her oxygen levels didn't drop much. She was in the mid-80s consistently during the spring and early summer but over the last several weeks, she's been mainly in the lower-90s, sometimes even the mid-90s. With croup, she was in the upper-80s.

She's crawling and thinking about standing up (she'll put her palms flat on the floor and straighten her legs into a standing position with her butt in the air, stand there for a moment, then sit back down like "well that didn't work." She still isn't a fan of baby food and does ok with table foods we give her. She loves puffs and yogurt melts and gnawing on basically whatever she can get into her mouth. Which recently has become her toes. Teeth into toes is not a sensation she cares for, yet it continues to happen.

So we're trucking along. Nothing terribly exciting happening around here. The kids are like puppies half the time, the boys rolling around wrestling on the floor while Eden gnaws on a toy nearby. Austin is finally getting to relax a bit since BEST is now basically over (there's a regional competition in Garland in a couple weeks) and I'm gearing up for the Thanksgiving expedition to New Braunfels. We have our next cardio appointment November 19 and I'm REALLY hoping they'll have something to tell us.

Until the next post, have a great week! Or month, as the case may be. In my defense, I only think "oh, I should post" at inopportune times, like laying in bed trying to fall asleep, or in the shower, or driving to somewhere. Never when I'm at home just hanging out.

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