Thursday, July 7, 2016

Hot Summer Days

Its hard to believe that the summer is already halfway over. School starts in about six weeks and we've still got shopping for that and two out of town weddings ahead, but we've been busy so far.

The boys have enjoyed a total of three VBS's (and there's at least one more coming) and Asher went to Kindercamp at the Grace, where he did some art projects for a couple days. We've been to the splash pad and swimming in friends' pools. We've had multiple picnics in my room and watched lots of movies, a couple even at actual theaters. We did CALF and went to play miniature golf and went to friends' birthday parties and played at the park and playgrounds and did art projects.

Mama's tired.

I'm digging that the favorite activity seems to be picnic in Mommy's room. I spread an old blanket on the floor and get out sliced cheese, juice pouches, grapes, salami, crackers, and whatever else tickles our fancy, and they sit and eat and watch a movie while I eat and then nap or read a book or whatever. It's pretty great. Of course, currently the tv show is being ignored for wrestling but hey. Boys need to expend their energy sometimes.

We've been keeping busy, but nothing too extraordinary has happened, so there hasn't been tons to report. Eden's cardio appointment went well, as I noted in my last update. Austin's jobs are going well. The kids are happy and active though of course they still have to complain sometimes about silly things (like the ice cream is too cold and the pizza is too hot).

Eden had her annual eye exam today. Her doctor said she has no problem seeing Eden here until time for her eye surgery and then referring her to a pediatric ophthalmologist in Dallas for the surgery. She recommends we wait until Eden is 4 or 5, about time for school, to do the surgery. The bigger her face, the better the results. Her vision isn't being affected by her ptosis so there's no need to do anything sooner. I'm good with that.

It'll be an out patient procedure, which I like, and they'll basically cut a bit out of her eyelid muscle then attach it to a different muscle so that it doesn't droop. Currently, the muscle is stretched out and it won't get better on its own.

Eden was a trooper at the doctor. She complained about the eye drops but otherwise was cheerful and sweet like she always is. The doctor commented on how good she was.

The next couple weeks will be busy for traveling reasons and then we'll be busy for school reasons. I'm looking forward to a nice stretch of time off sometime in September maybe? lol

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