Thursday, May 21, 2015

I survived the interview!

The interview yesterday morning went well! I was nervous, but I didn't have enough time to get sick, so that was a bonus. Eden was sweet and content and smiley during it, so that was good. She interviewed me for about a half hour, then took footage of me interacting with Eden and was gone after about 45 minutes total. She didn't know when it'll air but said she'd email me when she got a date, so that's exciting. I'm kinda hoping it'll be sooner rather than later.

Y'all, I even did my make up and took a stab at my hair, though that ended up not holding. I was conscious of how often I said "like" unnecessarily (once). I tried REALLY hard to stay on topic even though I ramble when I'm nervous. I was dedicated to this interview.

Eden had her monthly check up this morning and she's doing so well with most everything we didn't even have an echo (yay!), just an EKG and checking her vitals. I don't remember exactly why, but they want to have a 24 EKG reading, so she's currently hooked up to a little portable EKG unit and wearing a stretchy holey tank top like thing to keep the leads on. They're massive on her tiny chest and she's not a fan.

She's grown another inch, but her weight is still a concern. She's not gaining like anyone would like her to, in spite of how much she eats. She's not crazy about the formula/milk hybrid bottles so we're uping the percentage of milk in the bottle for now and will gradually get back to a 50/50 mix. She's currently up to 11 pounds, which isn't bad for a 4 month old, but it's also not great. Ideally she'll be 14 pounds at 6 months and while 3 pounds in 2 months isn't unheard of, it's unlikely given her weight gain history.

So, our new task is to weigh her weekly and fax her weight and ox levels in every week. Luckily we have a baby scale here at home from Mom's office and we can use that. We weighed her as soon as we got home to compare the scale at home and the scale at the hospital and got the same weight, so that's good. We'll also have a weekly consultation with the nutritionist from Children's to check and see how she's doing and what, if any, steps we need to take. If there's a formula that's better for weight gain, we'll be buying that.

I'm really hoping we can get to six months without any horrible effects of slow weight gain. I really thing once she's old enough for solid foods, we'll see a significant improvement there. The boys both struggled with weight gain as infants on breast milk and as soon as we put them on formula they gained and when food came into the picture they got right chunky. The next two months might be a little stressful as we try to get her full and fat, but I'm hopeful for the introduction of food.

Everything else seems to be about the same. Elijah's having mini-melt downs on a daily basis, mostly because he's tired and won't nap. Asher's having some difficulties with potty training, but we're getting there. I hope. Austin and I are doing fine, I'm just exhausted most of the time from lack of a good night's sleep and constant pumping, nursing, diaper changing, refereeing, etc. Oh, the life of a SAHM with three young children!

Making sure I won't embarrass my soul mate with my appearance. She approved. 

Sleeping finally. She's not a fan of her new temporary accessory. 

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  1. Can you post the link for the interview when it is air? Pray for Eden! By the way, hair and make up look good ;)