Tuesday, May 19, 2015

We're gonna be stars! Sort of.

We're gonna be on tv!

We were contacted Monday night by a PR person from GoFundMe saying that we were great candidates for press interviews and were we interested? At first, I thought it was a form email they probably sent to everyone but then the second paragraph stated that Fox Abilene was interested in interviewing us! So I responded that we were definitely interested and what did they need from us?

Long story short (not super long, but still): we have an interview at 8am Wednesday morning with the local Fox affiliate! I have no idea when it'll air or anything about it really, so check back here for more information.

On an Eden note, her weight gain has slowed again, so the doctor and nurse from Children's asked a nutritionist from Children's to discuss options. I told her that we'd already increased the concentration of the formula powder in the expressed milk and that was a temporary fix but that she still seems to be hungry a lot more than she should be. So she suggested we up our number of bottles to 3 a day. I said that though I'm producing enough milk for a normal baby, I just can't seem to keep up with a baby with higher dietary needs. So she said we should mix up a concentrated formula (8 oz with 5 scoops instead of 4) and do a half and half with the fortified breast milk. So that's three bottles a day, but only half of that will be milk, which means I'll actually be using less every day than I am currently. Hopefully I can pump the same amount so I can maintain my supply in the freezer. I'll see what I can do to naturally increase my supply to give her as much milk as possible but we're still going ahead with the formula.

Also, she got to be a mini-guinea pig for a friend of a friend who's training to be a midwife and needed practice taking vitals on a baby. So that was fun, too. lol The boys of course wanted to hear her heart and her breathing and their own hearts and the woman was very accommodating.

Thursday we go see the cardiologist again and I'll write up another blog with whatever they tell us and more info on the interview. Some exciting times around here!

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